Brand Story

A new whiskey
that makes use of
unique skills and wisdom

Okinawa BLUE 8 Years is a new age whiskey
that utilizes the production technology of Okinawa’s Awamori,
an old distilled spirit that is the origin of Japan’s SHOCHU culture.
It is a whiskey for a new era that makes use of
the production technology of Okinawa’s Awamori old liquor.

The quality of the Sake inherits the “keep maturing”
characteristic of Awamori old sake.
By storing and maturing in bourbon barrels,
it has a gorgeous sweet barrel aroma
and It has a mellow taste derived from the rice.

Whiskeys around the world are recognizing whiskeys
made from a variety of grains, and this trend is expanding.
Scotch whiskey is made from malt (barley malt) ,
Irish whiskey is made from wheat,
American whiskey is made from corn,
and Canadian whiskey is made from a blend of corn and rye.

In these changing times.,
Okinawa Blue 8 Years was created using rice as the raw material
with the aim of becoming “an Okinawan whiskey that the world says is delicious.

Okinawa Blue Whisky
Aged 8 Years

What’s the difference

A new “growing” whiskey made in a subtropical climate

Okinawa is a subtropical region located at the southernmost tip of Japan.
In a warm climate, it is much easier to age whiskey than regular whiskey.
The amount of alcohol is reduced by evaporation, known as angel’s share (angel share), which makes it difficult to control, but it deepens the flavor and enriches the taste.
In addition to “maturing in barrels in a subtropical climate,” the whiskey has the unique quality of “continuing to mature.” That is rare in the world.

It is a new whiskey that can only be made in Okinawa, with the time ticking along with people, the aroma becoming more mellow and gorgeous, and the taste becoming richer and sweeter.
It is a new whiskey that can only be made in Okinawa. Enjoy this unique flavor.

Product Specifications

“Okinawa Blue 8 Years ” is made by storing and aging raw Awamori liquor in bourbon barrels purchased directly from the United States.
This bottle is blending it with our proprietary skills.

◇Tasting Notes
The color is a light amber. The glittering shine beautifully adorns the glass. The aroma is gorgeous and fruity. Although it has an alcohol content of 40 degrees, it does not have a harsh taste, but rather a sweet taste like Speyside malt. The sweet vanilla-like aroma is complemented by a rich buttery flavor with citrus.
The taste is very smooth on the palate. Although it has a strong whiskey feel, it also brings out the best of Awamori and never erases it. The sweetness of the rice in Awamori and the sweet aroma from the bourbon barrels are very well combined.

Capacity: 750ml
Alcohol content: 40
Aging barrels: Bourbon barrels

A Whiskey, breaking new ground
in the whiskey world.

Using rice as the raw material, the process of saccharification, fermentation, and distillation is carried out to produce the original sake. By storing the whiskey in bourbon barrels and maturing it, it has a mellow flavor and sweetness that cannot be found in malt whiskey. And so a new whiskey was born, with an aroma and gravity that neither SHOCHU nor awamori could match.

The term “rice whiskey” itself is not yet common even in Japan. However, this one-of-a-kind flavor has the power to create a new category of “rice whiskey.

“Okinawa Blue 8 Years” will challenge the world as a whiskey made from rice, opening a new door for the whiskey world.
In 2021… We hope you will enjoy this new whiskey that was born at a time of change.


The “Okinawa Blue 8 Years” project was a crowdfunded pre-sale project that raised a total of 15,719,010 yen in support of its goal of 1,000,000 yen. It is the No. 1 product advance project in the distilled spirits industry and has been appeared by various news media in Japan.

Expert testimonials

First-class resort hotel in Okinawa
ANA InterContinental
Manza Beach Resort

Bar wavy manager 
Mr. Miyagi Kazuyuki

It’s a unique taste that can only be created in Okinawa.

It is a sake that is in the middle of the pack in a good way, and is very tasty.
The balance of the 8 years of aging has been achieved, and the gorgeous aroma of the bourbon barrels and the mellow flavor derived from the rice are in perfect harmony, resulting in a very high-quality taste.

It’s not too individualistic, nor is there anything lacking. It is a very well-balanced flavor that can be enjoyed in a variety of situations and tastes.

To be honest, it may seem light if you are looking for individuality in your whiskey.But that doesn’t mean I can’t come up with a whiskey that tastes similar. It’s a unique taste that can only be created in Okinawa.
As a person involved in the tourism, I am happy that such delicious whiskey can be introduced to the world as “Okinawa’s own whiskey”, and I find it interesting that the world is expanding.

・Whisky expert・JSA Certified Sommelier・Certified Instructor, Food Analyst Association of Japan・Food Information Expert

Wine Bar 「nisiazabu KEYAKI」manager 
Mr.Nishi Yusuke

It’s a drink that perfectly combines the best parts of whiskey and awamori.

The sweetness of the rice and the sweet aroma from the bourbon barrels were very well matched, and I was surprised by the finish. I would love to compare and enjoy the different flavors as they change over the years. In this sense, it is one that I can keep for a long time.It’s also a great way to keep multiple bottles.

Open one of the bottles and enjoy the ongoing change in flavor as it changes with the air.
You’ll probably notice a big change in flavor in about three steps. Fresh and young, just opened.
As you continue to drink it and it comes into contact with oxygen, the degree of maturity will gradually increase, and you will notice a change in the flavor that anyone can recognize.

The other bottle is for future use, to be stored carefully and enjoy the feeling of maturity in a few years. In a few years, it’ll mature and taste ridiculously good! In this aspect, I feel that it is a good combination of Awamori and whiskey.

How to drink and enjoy it
under the supervision of experts.


If mainly enjoy the sweetness of the rice, drinking it straight is recommended.


When drunk on the rocks, fruity tones such as pears stand out. The taste will be much tighter than straight, and it will also be more crisp as the temperature drops, making it easier to pair with food.

Pairs well with Japanese food

Since it is a rice-derived whiskey, it is a perfect match for Japanese food.
When add water, you can feel the nuance of koji, so dishes with miso or pork flavor will especially enhance the elegant sweetness of “Okinawa BLUE 8 years”.


It goes well with smoked cheese, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and other cheeses that have a unique aroma and flavor. The whiskey aroma and soft mouthfeel enhance the cheese’s natural mild flavor.

Cured or smoked ham

The sweetness is not too strong, so the flavor and saltiness of the meat matches the sweetness of the vanilla for a very tasty pairing.
The whiskey has a strong power in its flavor, which makes the meat taste even more exciting.

Chocolate Brownie

The best part is that it matches the rich chocolate brownie. The sweet vanilla aroma of the whiskey goes extremely well with the rich chocolate, and when the two are combined, the sweetness and richness of the chocolate spreads greatly in your mouth. It is a perfect sweet.

About Kumesen Shuzo

It is only by
taking on challenges that
traditional techniques can be
passed on to the future.

Kumesen Shuzo is an Okinawan sake brewer founded on November 19, 1952.

We are known as a “heretic in the best sense of the word” in the industry, constantly taking on new challenges unconstrained by the common sense of the Awamori industry under the motto, “Creating a prosperous present and future by making sake that is one step ahead. In 1989, we became involved in the production of barrel-aged sake using bourbon barrels, one of the first in Japan, and has spent more than 30 years refining its techniques for making barrel-aged sake.
In 2020, the 24-years old barrel-aged sake “KUJIRA 1996” 50% was sold in advance through crowdfunding, and sold out with 8.78 million yen in support purchases.
“Okinawa BLUE 8 Years” was launched on crowdfunding as a countdown project to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company’s founding, and attracted 15.71 million yen in supportive purchases.
We have fans all over Japan for its uncompromising stance on taste while always taking on new challenges.

Barrel Aging History

Our first barrel-stored SHOCHU.
It was one of the first products in Japan to use distilled spirits stored in barrels, and since that time, we have been improving our techniques for making barrel-aged sake.
As the first Awamori in the industry to be stored in oak barrels.
This is the product that triggered a huge boom of barrel-stored Awamori in Okinawa.
Invented the method of selling it as a liqueur in order to make the most of the original flavor.
2018 ・2019
the United States, Canada, France, and Germany.
The first shipment of barrel-aged sake to overseas markets, including the United States, Canada, France, and Germany. It is sold as whiskey overseas. It has also won high praise at trade shows.
Okinawa unblended sake 50%
Alcohol content as it is in the original barrel only the brewer can taste. Maintains 50% and products as a liqueur.
「KUJIRA 1996」
This is the highest-grade, super-ripe barrel-aged Sake in the Kumesen Syuzo.
Our first attempt at crowdfunding was sold out with the No.1 support purchase amount in the Awamori industry.
「Okinawa Blue 8 Years」
Our first authentic whiskey for the Japanese domestic market.
It was launched with the highest amount of supportive purchases in the industry through crowdfunding.


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